Our Values & Objectives

Set out below are the Trust's values and objectives with regard to its services to those seeking its help as well as to all those involved in providing a service, whether paid staff or volunteers.

Organisational Beliefs

The organisation acknowledges that homelessness is something that can happen to anyone and is committed to developing opportunities to work with its service users to improve their life chances;

The Purfleet Trust highly values the people it recruits to deliver its services and is committed to enabling and empowering its workforce by developing individual, team and organisational skills;

All internal and external stakeholders must be treated fairly and with respect and in accordance with the Human Rights Act and the Trust's Equal Opportunities and all other related policies.

Charity Objects

To provide relief for people who are homeless, or whose lifestyle puts them at risk of homelessness;

To help those who are in need and require assistance in achieving a settled way of life, in particular by the provision of advice and counselling, enabling them to obtain suitable accommodation and reintegrate themselves into the community.


  • Establishing access to, and creating a register of suitable emergency, temporary and permanent accommodation;
  • Providing advice, support and appropriate life skills training for those wishing to undertake a resettlement programme;
  • Raising public awareness of the needs of homeless people;
  • Providing a service in the spirit of equal opportunities;
  • Raising funds to provide a continuing and improved service.