Credit Union


The West Norfolk Community Bank

A branch of The Norfolk Credit Union

Purfleet Trust is working with Norfolk Credit Union Ltd to offer our service users the opportunity to save and borrow money.  

Savings Made Easy - Saving with the credit union couldn't be easier.  Members can save on a regular basis whatever they can afford.   Join the scheme for £1.

  • Save what you can, whenever you can afford to.
  • Save for Christmas, special occasions, holidays or for the future.
  • Put money into your account by standing order, by cheque or by PayPoint card at one of many outlets.
  • A dividend on the amount of savings held is paid annually; however, these cannot be guaranteed.
  • Savings are usually covered by free life insurance. 

 Loans made Easy - Don't pay more for loans with high cost providers such as store cards, credit cards or doorstep lenders.  

  • No minimum loan amount
  • No arrangement fee
  • No early repayment penalties
  • Flexible payment periods
  • Loans usually covered by free life insurance.

How it Works: - Can I join?

 Purfleet Trust is acting as a Credit Union branch for its service users to offer them access to these services.  Anyone over the age of 16 who lives or works in Norfolk can join.

Can I have a savings account?  - Yes - Members can save on a regular basis.

Can I have a loan?  Yes - Members can apply for a loan as soon as they join.

Contact us and ask and we will arrange to help you to fill in the forms.

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