The Single Homeless Engagement Project (SHEP) is an intensive support project.

It co-ordinates engagement with specialist support agencies for 15 individuals who are considered to be living with multiple and complex needs and exclusions in West Norfolk. It follows on from and builds upon the successes of the Pathways to Inclusion Project and is currently funded via Help for Single Homeless funding administered by Homeless Link for the Department of Communities and Local Government.

The SHEP is the local delivery arm of a larger joint initiative that involves a sharing of resources and information to bring a consistency in approach to working with vulnerable homeless people across Norfolk. There are three co-ordinators in place working directly with individuals as well as being a link to other services in their hub area which will ensure that individuals don’t slip through the net, improving their chances of accessing appropriate levels of support to progress and achieve personal goals.

We believe this co-ordinated approach will create efficient, effective services for vulnerable homelss people, reducing costs and using resources to achieve maximum impact