Training Houses

For those that require more intensive tenancy support. Demonstrating that you can be a good tenant in one of the training houses improves your chances of being offered a more secure housing option. DSC00125

The Purfleet Trust have been working in partnership with Freebridge Community Housing establishing pathways training houses for single homeless people with low to medium but intensive support needs.

The houses are provided by Freebridge and managed on their behalf by The Purfleet Trust.

The houses provide accommodation and support to homeless, or potentially homeless, single people who want to make changes in their lives. The project has been designed to prepare people for living in self-contained or shared accommodation of their own in the future.

The tenants have their own bedroom and the use of a shared bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a reception room.

Every tenant has a key worker who will provide and co-ordinate advice and practical support with establishing good budgeting practices, gaining household skills, engaging in meaningful activities and training, aimed at working towards employment as well as developing the long term ability to sustain an independent tenancy.

Training House Kitchen The project is a combination of structured support to encourage engagement and good quality, suitable, fully furnished temporary accommodation that demonstrates to the individual that they are valued. Tenants are helped to move on to more permanent accommodation options when they have gained the skills and confidence and demonstrated their reliability to take on their own tenancies.