Shannon’s Story

Shannon has been in one of our Pathways Training Houses and has since moved into her very own flat. We are so pleased for Shannon and wish her every success and happiness in her new home. Below we catch up with Shannon and have a chat about her journey with Purfleet Trust…..
“I am not scared of the future anymore… I am excited!”

Hi Shannon, can you tell us a little about how you came in to contact with Purfleet trust and why you needed support?
I had split up with my partner and she had thrown me out in March 2020. It was during the start of lockdowns and the Covid pandemic. I was quite vulnerable with my mental health at the time. I got in touch with the council who placed me in the Travelodge which Purfleet were running throughout the pandemic. I met Lucy and Michelle and I felt at ease and finally positive.

Can you tell us about living in a Pathways Training House and what you found most useful?
I had 1-2-1s every week with my support worker Jelena. This kept me motivated and I could share my worries and feelings. At the start Jelena always made me cry (in a nice way!)

I really enjoyed showing Jelena my cooking skills and learning from her along the way; she taught me patience and pride in my cooking. It felt good to cook for my other housemates.

Can you tell us a bit more about Jelena and the support she gave you?
I couldn’t thank her enough. She taught me patience and how to regain myself again. At first she was firm and a little scary but she is warm and will truly bring somebody out of their shell like she has with me 😊

Can you tell us how working with Jelena has changed things for you?
I feel I have come a massive way; all I can say is I am not scared of the future anymore… I am excited!

I have grown as a proud individual and I have a completely different outlook on life from being with Purfleet for the almost three years.

If you could change one thing about how the system works for people experiencing homelessness what would it be?
I would reduce the cost of rents and increase stability for individuals by providing them with more opportunities for community involvement.

Anything else you would like to add?
It can be hard being in a house and using services with different personalities of people but sometimes it can be good and we will be friends all the way through. There can be downs but we get back up!