Sara’s Story

Sara has battled with alcohol addiction for over 20 years. This has caused a marriage breakdown and the loss of her property.
“Going back into employment was the best decision I made, I love it.”

Sara was employed as a domestic at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for 12 years, managing to uphold a competent role throughout her sickness, but last year the alcohol got the better of her, it caused liver failure, seizures and at one point her heart stopped. This unfortunately caused Sara to lose her position at the Queen Elizabeth. She had hit rock bottom.

This was a turning point in Sara’s life.

Sara first came into the Purfleet Trust in December 2013 after hearing about us from the NRP. She was immediately interested in our Hospitality course. Through further conversation Sara and we discussed supporting her in job search and using the computer as she was very keen to gain employment.

Sara completed the Hospitality course and would come in once a week for job search and a general chat about how she was feeling.

Sara gained employment as a cleaner at Debenhams. Sara said

Although it is tiring work going back into employment was the best decision I made, I love it.