Owen’s Story

Owen first came to Purfleet in July. He found himself street homeless after a relationship breakdown which he attributes to the sudden death of his dad and his inability to cope with the grief.
Owen’s goal is to reconnect with his children.

Although Owen was homeless and dealing with the bereavement of his Dad this didn’t stop him trying his best to get back on his feet. However, Owen found it a struggle to find anyone who could help him as he did not reach the threshold or meet the criteria for a specialist support service. Then a client of our service suggested he accompanied him to Purfleet where he was assured he would get the help he needed.Owen would come into the daycentre every day, job-searching and looking for accommodation.

Within a couple of weeks he was offered accommodation at Genesis Housing. Owen moved into Genesis and continued to work with Genesis and Purfleet productively and within 8 months was offered his own accommodation.

Owen now volunteers his time at The Olive Branch charity shop. He has also just completed his level one in Retail within the Purfleet with a pass mark of 100%! Owen’s retail tutor was so impressed with him that she has asked him to shadow her and assist her on the new level one retail course. He is also in the process of completing his PTTLS teaching course.

His progress over the last 8 months has been inspirational. Owen has a great ‘can do’ attitude and is currently supporting new learners on the retail course as well as helping informally in the day centre helping his peers to be able to use the computers for learning and job search.

Owen’s goal is to reconnect with his children. This has been the strength through his entire decision making and although he has his lows at times this keeps him focused.