Teresa’s Story

Teresa has been brought up in King’s Lynn, has a history of mental health illness and suffers from anxiety and low self- esteem.
“We formed a close group and supported each other.”

Teresa does her best to manage the barriers that present in her life and is always keen to learn new skills. She is a volunteer at a local charity shop, and finds occupying her time in a productive way is very beneficial to her mental health.

While taking part in the Pathway to Wellbeing Workshop Teresa felt her confidence greatly improve. The Healthy Eating and Reducing Waste session brought to her attention ways of saving money which reduced stress. On the Bounce workshop she was inspired by what the Trainer shared about his life experiences.

Engaging in workshops about confidence, anxiety and wellbeing Teresa found it very beneficial sharing life experiences and coping strategies with other members of the group.

Every workshop helped her in different aspects of her life.

At the end of the workshops Teresa faced her greatest challenge. A bus trip to the seaside was arranged. This caused Teresa a lot of anxiety but with group support she shared a great experience.

I got a lot out of workshops. It was great to mix with others; we formed a close group and supported each other.