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Homelessness and Mental Health

How The Purfleet Trust uses our gym to promote positive mental health.

Mental health support is a crucial aspect of our work. We realise that without adequate mental health support, moving forward on positive pathways gets much more challenging.

At Purfleet, we provide many services that help to promote positive mental health. From our regular counselling sessions, to our volunteer opportunities, and our on-site gym – mental health support is at the forefront of what we do.

Gerry, one of our clients who regularly uses the Purfleet gym, has noticed how fitness sessions have helped to improve his mental health – and given him the motivation to work towards other targets in life.

Learn how Purfleet’s gym has supported Gerry and his mental health

When did you start using Purfleet’s New Beginnings Fitness Suite?

In lockdown I started doing walks with the Walking For Wellbeing group, and then I started using the gym as well. I’ve seen it progress and I’ve put more hours and days into it.

How often do you use the Purfleet gym?

I try and come 4 days a week for an hour and a half each session. I do different things like spin classes, weights, and circuits.

What’s your favourite exercise or piece of equipment to use in the gym?

Because I was in forces, I like doing the circuits the most. It’s quite varied and it reminds me of my days in the infantry.

How does the gym help your mental health?

I get any frustrations out in the gym – I just feel better for doing it. It helps to take my mind off any problems I have, and I miss it when I don’t come. After going to the gym I notice that I feel much more relaxed and less wound up.

Has the gym helped you be more committed to goals in other areas of your life?

Definitely. I feel like I’ve got more energy to do other projects. I also like gardening here at the Centre. I’ve recently launched a new business that I’m trying to get off the ground and I feel the gym has given me more energy to do this and make it a success.

Would you recommend the gym to other people?

100%. I feel it has helped me a lot with my mental health – I’m always trying to get new people in. It’s been great for me.

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